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@mrcaidev/hooks is a collection of React utility hooks.

  • Easy to use: Good defaults, while highly customizable.
  • Fully typed: Enjoy 100% type safety with TypeScript.
  • Server ready: SSG/SSR support out of the box.
  • Lightweight: <3KB gzipped. Tree-shaking supported.

Interested, but too lazy to create another repository for it?

No worries, we have prepared a playground for you to try out the hooks right in the browser.

This is also the official CodeSandbox template to create a minimal reproducible example.

Please read the contributing guide before any contribution.

Currently this is really just a personal project. I’m trying to build a library that can make me proud of, while also learning React and Web APIs. But if you decide to help out, I believe it will definitely make this project better, and we can surely learn a lot from each other.